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Commercial agriculture consumes a lot of water and in turn generates a large volume of wastewater. Further, large areas of land allow for harvesting of rainwater which can be used in agricultural processes. Either way, effective Water Filtration & Wastewater Treatment is essential to the management of a successful agricultural business.

Sources of Agricultural Wastewater

Wastewater can come from many sources including just some of the following

  • Storm & Ground Water
  • Building & Roof Run Off
  • Irrigation Overflow & Run Off
  • Vehicle & Equipment Wash Down
  • Plant & Shed Wash Down
  • Food Processing By Product and Waste
  • Domestic & Commercial GreyWater and BlackWater
  • Agricultural Effluent (e.g. dairy sheds or piggeries),

Composition of Agricultural Wastewater

Wastewater produced by any of the above processes will likely contain some or all of the following group of pollutants:

  • Organic matter
  • Nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium)
  • Inorganic matter (dissolved minerals)
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Pathogens

Treatment Options

Wastewater treatment would involve a variety of filter systems that can process these pollutants, depending on the output required. This output will be determined by its proposed end use.

Various filtration options will remove plant food nutrients and fertilisers, Manure and Suspended Solids, Virus & Bacteria, BOD, COD, pesticides, dissolved inorganic substances, heavy metals, hydrogen ion concentrations, Fluoride and other minerals, and if required residual chlorine.

Treated Water is often graded based on it level of refinement, using a class rating system. For example, Class A water is generally suitable for use on irrigated pastures, fruits and vegetables whereas Class D water is suitable for irrigating non-food crops such as turf or plantations.*

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Opportunities to Reuse Treated Water

Any waste can be reused for any process with the correct filtration. With 188博金宝app Drought conditions it is vital we understand and use to our advantage water treatment options to combat economic barriers, health and safety issues, legal restrictions and lack of access to viable water sources are the major constraints that face agriculture.

Harvested or recaptured Rain Water in any form can be reused in a large number of processes in agriculture.

Instead of dumping waste water in rivers, it can be collected and treated for reuse.

Enviro Concepts Solutions

Enviro Concepts is committed to providing clear solutions to waste water treatment that maximises the net benefits while minimising environmental risks. We can provide water treatment packages that allow you to discharge to tank, discharge to sewer or environment, or, making it suitable for reuse.

We customise water treatment for the best ROI and commercial value for our clients.

All of our equipment is fabricated and factory tested in our production facility. So site works are minimalised and plant can be installed within a few days with low set up cost and time.

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*Reference from Farm Biosecurity Australia