Car Wash System

Need a Budget Friendly Car Wash System?

A car wash business that washes greasy vehicles is required to be compliant. The wash water has to be treated before discharging it to council sewers. Enviro Concepts’ above ground, modular car wash system can be customised for any car wash business and it can be paired with our wastewater treatment discharge system to make the process compliant.

Why Enviro Car Wash System Is Different

The Enviro Concepts car wash system has several benefits:

  • It’s flexible, portable and above ground
  • You don’t need to have sewer to connect to as we have options
  • It protects the environment and provides a cost-effective solution to prevent dirty water to be discharged
  • The entire system can be set up within 24-48
  • It is easy to maintain so you won’t waste a lot of man hours in
  • Whether you own the property or lease the property your car wash business is on, you won’t have to cut into the concrete
  • It’s a plug-and-play system that it easy to install
  • It’s affordable and has a great return on investment
  • It’s a cost-effective option, especially when you factor the cost of paying a liquid transport company to come and suck all the dirty water away
  • Most importantly, the wash bay wastewater treatment system makes you commercially compliant to run your car business

Enviro Concept’s car wash system is powerful, innovative and automatic. It simplifies the cleaning process, cuts down the time, cost, hassle and provides a convenient, portable and compliant system for every car wash business.

What Do You Do With Your Car Wash Water?

Sometimes, cars can still be a tough challenge to clean! It is difficult to remove mud, mold, dirt, grime, dust, bugs, stains, deposits, sap, and a host of other debris that cars pick up whether in a rural or urban setting. You would need to pick out environment-safe detergents, and you would need to make sure your dirty rinse off water doesn’t go anywhere or risk getting fined.

Our car wash system has modular wash pads and an efficient water filtration system. Put your mind at ease and give us a call today for a free estimate for your own modular, compliant, car wash system.

Enviro Concepts Wastewater Management Estimate