Case Study – Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) provides leadership for the growth and sustainable development of food, fibre, fishing and forestry industries. Enviro Concepts provided a portable washbay and water recycling plant for a DAF research facility in Mareeba. The project was for washing cars and traybacks for weed and seed hygiene. Enviro Concepts worked with DAF from creating the site design all the way to installation, testing and handover of the project.

Site Design and Requirements

When the initial requirement for specifications came through, the client was looking at a portable wash down bay that was required to be moved once per year, with modular, interchangeable parts. It also had to be set up on site for washing down vehicle dirt, mud, weed and seed. Biosecurity was an important requirement for DAF.

The site location drawing was sent by the client on which we superimposed our washbay wastewater treatment plant. An additional request for rain water harvesting was added to the project by the client. A layout for a modular washbay and recycling plant in a container fit out was suggested to meet with client requirement for being portable and relocatable, beyond which the design was accepted.

Production Process

Enviro Concepts believes in swift production, delivery and installation. In order to do that, we pre-fabricate the washpads and water treatment plants in our factory. The solution we provided DAF was a containerised EL recycling plant and modular washpad as a “plug and play” solution for their site.

The containerised EL solution provides protection and security on client site. It also provides the client with a modular plant that can be relocated, if needed. The EL100 includes a Continuous Media System (CMS), The Enviro Polisher, The Enviro Oil Water Separator and the Enviro Dosing System all housed in the container. It took 4 weeks to have all parts built, plumbed, connected and tested, ready to be shipped out to the client.


Site Installation

Enviro Concepts manufactures and ships containerised or skid-mounted water treatment systems and above ground washbays all over Australia. In the case of Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, the site was prepared by the client and we shipped our modular systems fit to specifications, ready to be assembled when they arrive onsite.

The DAF washbay and wastewater recycling plant was set up and tested within 4 days by the Enviro Concept team. The custom built washpads were dropped into the concrete in ground segments that the client had pre-designed on the site. The Enviro Washpads are heavy duty structural pads made of hot dipped galvanised steel. The units can be bolted together to make a permanent washpad but can be removed and relocated when needed. The pads took only a few hours to be bolted in and tested.


With all the pre-design and testing done in our factory beforehand, the containerised EL recycling plant was ready to go when we our team landed at our clients site. Within a couple of days, the system was functional and the remaining days were used to test out the system, train the personnel at the client site and handover the project.

Challenges and Solutions

The Enviro Concepts containerised plant has a standard closed loop water recycling process from the point where the washwater is collected in the gutter of the washpad, through the Solids Settling Tanks, through the filters and oil water separators, to the polishing filters and back to the washpad. A pre-requisite for the system is that in case there is shortage of water and the system requires it, a makeup water tank connected to mains water.


In the case of Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, the client wanted rain water harvesting as a part of the plan whereby the water collected from the roofs of the building would be sent to the makeup tank. Enviro Concepts made the adjustments on the existing plan to include this as part of the makeup water tank in the process flow. By installing a few small changes, the client now had a recycling system with a rain harvesting system built into it.

Return on Investment

There were several specifications on the client checklist that would offer them the best ROI. Enviro Concepts provided a thorough pre-planning and even pre-estimate checklist for washbay wastewater treatment planning. We were able to absorb the additional planning and implementation costs without major changes in budget or project delivery plan.

We met the 3 important criteria that the client set us to do and that provided them long term ROI. We delivered the project according to the site specifications that the client needed and it fit into their overall site layout plan. We gave the clients a relocatable washbay water recycling solution that they required. We incorporated rain water harvesting in the overall design. In all three cases, we were able to meet requirements according to client specification.


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