Truck Wash Equipment and Systems

A Modern Approach to Truck Wash Water Recycling and Pre discharge Systems

Enviroconcept provide a range of truck wash systems to meet your needs, budget and also help you become compliant. Our wash bays include the Prestige 12 Commerical Pads and Enviro Industrial Wash Pads available in 12, 20, 30, 50T (per axle) capacity, or customised for higher weight requirements. These wash baysare heavy duty and can be custom built to size, as required. Enviroconcept, water recycling, Truck Wash

Are You Looking For A Compliant Truck Wash Bay?

Enviro Concepts wash bays are above ground systems and are often paired with a water treatment system that processes the wash water before sending it down to sewer, thus making the process compliant to council standards.

We offer a fully-skid mounted water treatment discharge system with solids settling and oil water separation. These pre discharge systems are approved and compliant. We also have systems that recycle 100% of all wash water captured as well providing an environmentally friendly option to our clients.


 Enviroconcept, water recycling, Truck Wash


Our systems are adaptable to your Truck Wash needs. We listen to our customers and tailor solutions to suit. Whether you’re looking for a discharge to sewer system or water recycling Truck Wash system, we can provide both options. Some of the advantages are:

  • A compliant Truck Wash Bay
  • If you have a leased premise and would like to take your Wash System with you, this is a great option, allowing you to relocate your Truck Wash, if required
  • Cost effective Truck Wash option
  • Flexibility and Portability
  • Limited water supply? Don’t have a sewer to connect too? We can provide options within the wash bay design
  • It is an environmentally friendly Truck Wash

We provide Lease or Rent options for our Wash Bay

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Retrofitting an Existing Truck Wash bay?

Our systems can be retrofitted into an existing Truck Washes relatively easily. Truck washes generally have collection pits and oil/water separators in place. Our system will make use of the existing system without extensive changes. Only sump transfer pumps are added. Once the pumps are in place, installation can be within as little as one day.Enviro Concepts, Truck Wash, washbay
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