Enviro Concepts Visits Vietwater 2017

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Enviro Concepts has joined the 188博金宝app Water Association delegation to Vietwater, 2017 at Ho Chi Minh City. With 42 companies representing Australia, this is a great opportunity to become aware of the water challenges in the region and share our insights gathered through our Research & Development over the last 10 years.

The Vietnam Water Industry

Vietnam aims to become an industrialised nation by 2020 but faces challenges such as a growing population, rapid industrialisation and urbanisation. This rapid growth puts pressure on the water and wastewater management of the country, which is under prepared for current rate of growth Vietnam is facing.

The demand for water for both residential and industrial purposes are not being fully met in Vietnam since the 2000s. Statistics also show that 80% of Vietnam’s total water use is used in irrigation. There is also a significant shortage in wastewater treatment facilities. The need for infrastructure provides a unique opportunity for global water treatment companies to provide solutions to upgrade the systems and the capacity for wastewater treatment.

Enviro Concepts capabilities lies in private sector, government projects, utilities and NGOs. We can bank on the extensive work we have done on both for municipal/council wastewater, industrial wastewater treatment and recycling projects, and provide effective solutions for the Vietnam market.

Vietnam’s Biggest Water Trade Event

Vietwater, 2017 is Vietnam’s leading international water supply, Sanitation, water resources and purification event. This is the only water trade event supported by the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA).

The exhibition will gather 450 exhibitors from 38 countries and 14,000 trade visitors from all over the world. Enviro Concepts will showcase our Wastewater Treatment capabilities including our containerised water treatment solutions that can be easily shipped and installed in remote locations, all over the world.

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