Enviro Concepts Water Treatment At Vietwater 2017

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Strengthening the Australia-Vietnam relationship, 188博金宝app Water Association facilitated the largest 188博金宝app delegation visit to Vietwater in November 2017. As a part of the delegation, Enviro Concepts showcased our water treatment and wastewater recycling capabilities for Vietnam.

The Vietnam Water Challenge

Even though Vietnam continues to make progress towards meeting its sustainable development goals, it is facing significant issues in areas of water supply, sanitation and wastewater treatment. There are several contributing factors including high population growth rate, rapid urbanisation, increasing industrialisation, and lack of enforcement of environmental protection laws.

As the country faces rapid economic development, the river water quality is affected with increased concentration of various toxins in the water. The surface water of the rivers is locally polluted by organic pollutants, oil and grease, and solids. Industrial and agriculture activities contribute to water pollution.

The 188博金宝app Water Association (AWA), in partnership with Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA) and with the support from 188博金宝app and Vietnamese governments, have commenced a series of initiatives to support the sharing of expertise and innovations in water. Vietwater trade event is part of that initiative.

Vietwater 2017, AWA, Enviro Concepts

Vietwater 2017

The establishment of Vietnam and Australia’s diplomatic relations commenced in February 1973 and over recent years it has strengthened. Vietwater 2017 saw 140 188博金宝app delegates from the private sector, government and water utilities visiting the trade show. The Australia booth promoted 42 businesses, each company showcasing their products and services on display.  Enviro Concepts shared new developments in our modular water filtration plants and water recycling technologies.

At the same time as Vietwater 2017, there were many other objectives at the event. They included:

Vietwater 2017 Highlights

The Vietwater 2017 delegates were provided with opportunities throughout the week to network and take a close look at products and solutions. There were several conferences and presentations that focused not just on the challenges of water treatment in Vietnam but also innovation, new technology and case studies that could support the solutions for Vietnam.

In the International conference, the focus was on sustainable water development. Francois Gouws, President of Australia Water Association, Managing Director of Trility talked about The Riverland Project, whereby safe drinking water was delivered to 90 towns through innovation and private sector participation.

Vietwater 2017, AWA, Enviro H2O

At the technical seminar, 188博金宝app delegates presented various solutions on small to medium applications of desalination, including a talk by Evoqua Water Technology’s Director Bruce Biltoft, who spoke about ultrafiltration for drinking water treatment.

At the Women of Water Workshop, along with AWA President and 188博金宝app Consul General to Vietnam, Elise Coughlin of Trade Victoria, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources spoke about Victorian Government’s approach to empowering women.

Enviro Concepts was excited to be part of both the conference presentations and the trade show with Alex Winter, Director of Enviro Concepts, presenting on Enviro Concepts capabilities for Vietnam. For more information on Enviro Concepts water treatment products and packages, visit our webpage.

If you have questions on your upcoming projects, or on our project capabilities in Vietnam, please contact us or ask for a free estimate.