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Water Use in Equipment Hire Companies

Heavy industrial construction requires a range of equipment. From tanks to trucks, to cranes and bulldozers, the one common factor is dirt. Whether the equipment is wheeled or tracked, lots of solids are usually picked up during use. Dirt can make equipment shutdown which is why regular cleaning is imperative. Heavy equipment requires lots of water to clean effectively. EnviroConcepts can work with you to develop a wash facility that gives your equipment hire company a complete wash bay and wastewater treatment solution.

Enviro Concepts Solutions

Whether your facility needs a self contained recycling system due to lack of sewer access or you simply need to process your water for discharge into a sewer connection, EnviroConcepts has the solution for you.

Our wash facilities are completely portable and can be situated outside or in a warehouse, saving you tons on traditional building costs and water costs due to recycling. Our wash bays can be relocated as needed from one site of a facility to another, or even to different facilities as the need arises.

Enviro Concepts provides cost effective portable equipment wash water recycling and discharge compliance systems. Our range of systems can be customized to your needs and budgets. Poor work practices while cleaning and maintaining your equipment is guaranteed to pollute the environment. Even a small amount of pollutant discharged into storm water can drastically affect the quality of a stream or river. If washing equipment is essential to your daily operations, Enviro Concepts can custom build wash bays specifically designed to handle the amounts of dirt and waste water produced.

Enviro Concepts, equipment hire, wastewater


Above ground mining equipment wash systems

EnviroConcepts tailors solutions to our customers’ needs. Our engineers can tailor systems to meet the challenges and needs of your business.

Wash pads and wash bays

With set up times of as little as 1 day, our portable modular above ground wash pads provide a great alternative to concrete wash bays. The wash pads have drive on and off access and can be customized with side walls. The steel wash bays have access platforms that can be tailored to suit your equipment. The wash bays can be relocated as required and recycle up to 100% of waste water.

Equipment hire, water treatment, mining

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