Customised Wash Bay For Equipment Wash – Kennards Hire Case Study

Kennard Hire, Equipment Wash Bay

Customised Wash Bay For Equipment Wash – Kennards Hire Case Study

Enviroconcepts is a leading manufacturer of portable washbays. Over the last decade, we have provided customised, portable, modular washbay and wastewater treatment solutions to businesses all over Australia. One of our clients, Kennards Hire, wanted an efficient washbay solution to clean their equipment. They wanted an enclosed washbay that would hold a robotic arm to wash the equipment while the operator monitored the process from outside the washbay. The requirements of this project showcase Enviro Concepts capabilities of delivering a customised solution, including the cost benefits and quick turnaround time.

Customisation Requirements

When the client approached us with Kennards Hire’s unique R&D project, we were asked to design, build and install a prototype equipment washbay that could be replicated in the future. The washbay would have to accommodate equipment up to a 3.5T excavator. The robotic arm itself would weigh close to 2 Tonne.

Enviro Concepts worked closely with Kennards Hire project managers to create a working design for this washbay. There were several requirements given while planning the design. Some of these requirements were:

  • Customised size to fit indoors at client site
  • All above ground and completely modular so that it can be moved at the end of lease
  • 2.4m high walls that had to be see-through so that the operator can externally monitor the process
  • Panels and frames had to be water sealed to prevent overspray
  • A sliding and hinged access gate for open access with large range of equipment
  • Wash water compliant treatment system for discharge to trade waste in local sewer

Kennards Hire, Equipment Wash Bay

Enviro Concepts Washbay Features & Customised Solution

The standard size of Enviro Concepts structural, hot dip galvanised steel, modular washpads is 2.4m long x 6m wide. These washpads can be put together to create any size customised washbay. Our modular washbays also have standard weight ratings from 2 Tonne per axle all the way to 200 Tonne per axle. Our flexible weight rating and the ability to put the washpads together allows us to create customised washbay solutions to wash all types of equipment and vehicles. In the case Kennards Hire, our 2T washbay was sufficient to withstand the weight of the robotic arm that would be mounted on the washbay as well as the equipment required to be washed.

Once the structure of the washpads was designed, we started looking at the requirements for walls, ramps and gates. The client requested clear walls, so we designed 2.4 m high UV rated, chemical and shock resistant, polycarbonate walls. The walls were bolted to the steel structure to make the entire enclosure watertight.

A 2m swinging gate, plus a 2m sliding gate in polycarbonate was created to give easy access for the equipment to be loaded. Steel ramps were provided leading to the pad, with special smooth finish for small wheels.

Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Enviro Concepts provides turnkey solutions to our clients for treating the wash water and creating a compliant washbay system. We often provide containerised wastewater recycle system or skid-mounted, compliant pre-treatment Solids Interceptor Oil Separator (SIOS) system. Kennards required our SIOS to treat their wash water and make it compliant for trade waste discharge.

The SIOS is an effective and economical way to pre-treat the wastewater to a compliant level for discharge to the sewer system. The Enviro Concepts structural washbay is the first point of collection for the wash water. From the wash bay, the water is pumped to our solids settling tank, before it goes through treatment in our oil water separator. Finally, treated water is discharged to sewer.

Project Success

There were several benefits that the project created for the client:

  • Cost effective, customised design which we put together in a matter of weeks
  • Modular units made off site and shipped to the location to be assembled in a matter of days
  • The ability to relocate both the washbay and wastewater system in the future
  • Washbay and treatment system making the system compliant to council standards
  • Built and installed within budget, and within the strict timeline.

If you would like to get a customised quote for your washbay wastewater treatment project, please contact us today.

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