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Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment is vital for industry. The water produced by your production processes should not harm the environment and meet local council discharge standards. This is why our industrial customers are guaranteed the right wastewater treatment solutions for their needs. From wastewater generated by industrial processes, produced water, polluted groundwater to acid mine drainage, EnviroConcepts has the solution. Our systems meet best practice and our expertise in industrial wastewater treatment is backed by years of experience, resources and extensive knowledge.

Smart solutions for all industries

Water is a vital resource and needs to be managed properly. The application of water in industry varies widely and poses complex environmental and economic challenges specific to the business’s activities.

Industries today are challenged to:

  • Improve water protection;
  • Optimize consumption;
  • Control costs;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Ensure safe production; and
  • Reduce environmental impact.

EnviroConcepts draws on its access to innovation and expertise to deliver support in defining and developing customized wastewater treatment solutions. We take into account the specific constraints of the industry to provide long term solutions with guaranteed results.

Enviro Concepts, wastewater, water treatment

Partnering To Face Your Challenges

Emission limits for industrial effluents are constantly being tightened and product recovery throughout the different processes is becoming a priority. Our treatment processes constitute mechanical, chemical and biological processes to achieve optimum wastewater treatment performance. Our processes are space saving and require minimal input to give high performance. Our systems can result in practically zero discharge of wastewater. Enviro Concepts does not believe in wasting water but renewing it, resulting in considerable savings for our clients.

Our approach is to work with you to offer specific technological solutions that address the wastewater treatment and management needs of your industry.

Our services include:

  • Water cycle management
  • Residual management including dewatering and stabilization
  • Treatment technology incorporating chemical and natural disinfection

EnviroConcepts recognizes that wastewater treatment is a cost, but optimizing water use will benefit your business not to mention the social, economic and environmental benefits of proper water management.

Making Industry Sustainable

Industrial wastewater contains diverse impurities making treatment a special task. With vast experience in various industries including dairy, energy and automotive, our technologies help industries to meet their water management goals.

Water-intensive industries need to address the growing competition for water and the dwindling supply. Addressing these demands involves implementing effective water management strategies. Take a proactive approach in making your business sustainable. Contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE


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