Government and Infrastructure


Government and infrastructure

The responsibility of water management in Australia is shared by municipal governments, aboriginal communities and territories, and other 188博金宝app government institutions such as the department of agriculture. This shared responsibility necessitates collaboration between the concerned parties.

While governments are meant to enforce pollution laws, they are also creators of potential pollutants themselves and need to ensure their operations are compliant with the regulations they enforce.


Enviro Concepts provides large and small facilities with waste treatment and recycling systems for various qualities of feed water. EnviroConcepts waste water reclamation and recycling systems allow for;

  • Grey water recycling
  • Black water recycling
  • Storm water management
  • Industrial waste water treatment
  • Sewage treatment
  • Rain harvesting
  • Wash water reclamation and recycling
  • Portable water treatment

Enviro Concepts is a leading 188博金宝app industrial waste water treatment company that will save you money while helping you save the environment. Government run facilities and projects such as

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Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure projects create several opportunities for ground water contamination. Storm water contamination is easy when building roads due to bitumen and asphalt runoff. Waste water generated during and after construction also poses pollution risks as vehicles and equipment need to be washed.

Military bases

Just like their civilian counterparts, military bases need to be responsible in their discharge of waste water.


These facilities use hundreds of gallons of water daily which can be re-used for purposes such as irrigation and laundry


Laboratories create chemical waste water, grey water and black water that can be recycled.

Government offices

Government offices with grey water recycling systems and rain harvesting systems installed use up to

60% less municipal water than those that don’t.

Talk to Enviro Concepts about how to reduce your water requirements and achieve compliance as far as effluent discharge is concerned.

Enviro Concepts systems perform various functions as part of waste water treatment;

  • Sedimentation
  • Flocculation
  • Coagulation
  • Filtration
  • Distillation
  • UV light waste water treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis

Enviro Concepts manufactures and installs industry approved waste water management systems suitable for all types of waste water produced. Our waste water treatment systems utilize low impact development techniques preventing the impact of development on water quality. Our team of experts is also available if you need expert advice on how to treat impaired waters.

We minimize waste and pollution load released into receiving water bodies. Enviro Concepts source water protection systems are valuable additions to government pollution prevention efforts.

Contact us and find out how we can help you achieve compliance while protecting the environment.

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