Ground Water

Ground Water

When water falls to the ground, most believe that it makes its way to the nearest river, lake or even the ocean. While this is true, most of water that falls to the ground is either evaporated into the air or it seeps into the ground where it is stored in soil, porous rocks and crevices. This water is referred to as ground water.

Groundwater is where the world gets the majority of its fresh water from. This is particularly true for parts of Australia where surface water is not available. 90% of the water for the Northern Territory is sourced from aquifers.


Ground Supplies

Groundwater is very important to our survival, but it is also a finite resource that can be depleted if overly used. Groundwater can also be great as it is not affected by as many contaminants as surface water. However, agricultural practices, high water table human and animal waste can cause contamination to our precious ground water supplies. In such cases, like surface water, it will require treatment before consumption.

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