Rent to Own

Enviro Concepts is happy to offer our products, including wash pads, discharge and recycle systems in a Rent to Own arrangement. Virtually no paperwork or background checks are needed.

Contract periods are typically for 12months or 24 months, after which we will offer our clients a payout figure.There are times this may get as low as $1!

When you Rent to Own, you can show the purchase as an operational cost instead of an asset and because it is not an asset, it is not subject to depreciation. It is 100% tax deductible which means – Your Accountant Will Love You!

Contact us now if you would like to explore a Rent to Own arrangement with us.

Lease or Hire

At Enviro Concepts we have partnered with FINMAX to handle our Lease or Hire options for our clients. We hold some stock in washpads and various other equipment that can be hired for short term jobs. As well as options for Leasing a full system that may make getting your washbay a more affordable scenario. Take a look at the FINMAX video below.



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