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Potable Water in Mining Camps

Extreme environmental conditions, fluctuations in feed water quality, remote locations and varied contaminants are some of the challenges faced by mining sites all over the world. Due to the quality fluctuations and contamination levels in each mine, systems require to be customized to the conditions and mining community. Enviro Concepts solutions are custom designed based on the water characteristics of the camp community. The water goes through comprehensive multilevel water purification. The multilevel water treatment system produces potable water from surface waters and ground water.

Turnkey solutions

Our versatile multi-source units have minimal maintenance requirements which can be operated by the personnel on the site. Enviro Concepts solutions are designed for;

  • Oil and gas field camps;
  • Mining and forestry camps; and
  • Construction camps

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Enviro Concepts provides comprehensive multi level water purification systems that are easy to manage and operate after installation.

We use innovative designs created to withstand the toughest conditions. Our systems can be installed quickly to provide seamless quantities of water on demand. We are at the cutting edge of water treatment technology and can use a variety of feed sources, including:

  • Surface water – Rivers, Streams, Dams and Lakes
  • Brackish water – Bores, Wells, Aquifers and Estuaries
  • Sea water

Our systems are designed to remove suspended and dissolved solids, hardness, organic and inorganic compounds, metals, color, unpleasant taste and odor, and microorganisms such as bacteria, coliforms and viruses that may be present in the supply water.

Why Choose Enviro Concepts

Our proven technologies are customized to the camp community to provide potable water systems that provide safe drinking water.

  • Reliable and consistent potable water
  • Eliminate hauling costs of potable water to remote camps.
  • Minimize carbon footprint
  • Provide peace of mind regarding the quality of water you are consuming
  • Compliance with the 188博金宝app Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG)

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