NTP Forklifts – Case Study

NTP Forklifts – Case Study (Washdown Bay and SIOS)

Industrial forklifts can easily build up dirt, oil and grease and require regular washing. Business operating and maintaining forklifts are responsible for treating and discharging oily and greasy wastewater. Enviro Concepts built a structural wash bay for NTP Forklift’s new Sydney facility and we also provided a highly efficient and compliant wastewater treatment system with the wash bay in order to treat the wash water to the standard needed for discharge to council sewers.

Structural Wash Bays for Long Term Use

Enviro Concepts is a leading manufacturer of modular, structural wash bays. Over a decade, we have built heavy duty, modular wash bays for mine sites, construction sites, truck wash businesses, manufacturing facilities and any business that requires an above ground, structural, portable wash bay.

Our client NTP Forklifts wanted to construct an above ground, structural wash bay custom built for their workshop. Our structural washpads are 2.4 x 6.5m each and they can be put together in various configurations to build any custom size washbay that our client requires. The Enviro Concepts washpads are built with high-quality steel and are tremendously strong. We custom build the washpads from 2 Tonne per axle to 75 Tonnes per axle rating depending on what is being washed on the wash bay. Some of our clients wash everything from semi-trailers, mining equipment, cars, buggies, dump trucks, engines, machine parts, and even helicopters. NTP wanted to use the washbay to wash forklifts and therefore we recommended a 12 Tonne per axle rating structural wash bay.

Customisation for this client included a set of structural ramps and see-through washbay walls to prevent overspray on site.

The entire wash bay and wastewater treatment system was installed on site within 2-3 days. One of the key benefits of our modular, above ground washbay is that it can be installed quickly and if required, it can be taken apart, relocated and reinstalled on another just as quickly if the client chooses to do so.

Allan Spackman from NTP Forklifts said, “We were on a very tight deadline for this project and the Enviro Concepts teams really went well above and beyond to fabricate, supply and deliver this installation BEFORE the promised completion date, exceeding expectations.”

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Compliant Discharge of Wastewater

188博金宝app businesses need to ensure that trade waste is discharged in a compliant manner and are therefore required to apply for trade waste permit. Enviro Concepts offers a range of pre-treatment options as well as wastewater recycling systems that can assist businesses to maintain compliance. In the case of NTP Forklifts, we provided our modular, skid-mounted Solids Interceptor Oil Separator (SIOS) and installed it with our modular washbay at their designated work zone.

Wastewater from washbays can contain suspended or dissolved solids, oil and grease. The SIOS system can remove up to 95% of oil and grease from wash water and was therefore the system of choice.

Solids Interceptor Oil Separator

The SIOS is one of our most popular discharge systems. It is a skid mounted, pre-engineered and pre-assembled system with an OWS, compliant pump, tank and fit out.

The SIOS filtration system collects wastewater from a washpad gutter or underground pit. Water is sent to the solids interceptor tank and it is slowed down to allow for solids to fall to the bottom of the tank and oil separation to begin. The clarified water gravity flows to the oil-water separator to remove oil and grease. Treated water is then discharged as trade waste and the settled solids are drained back to the gutter for ease of collection and disposal. The SIOS is used by businesses across Australia, from mine sites to mechanical workshops.

For more information on SIOS or our structural washbays, visit our website or contact us here with your questions.