Oil Water Separator Specification

oil water separator, enviro concepts

Enviro Concepts Oil Water Separators are compact, industrial and engineered for low-flow, high oil and grease applications.


Enviro Concepts Oil Water Separator (OWS) range includes coalescing plate or tube separators. They are suitable for vehicle wash bay and industrial wash effluents. All OWS units are pre-engineered, pre-assembled and factory tested minimising on-site installation and start-up time ensuring reliable operation.

Enviro Concepts OWS range features a removable and uniquely designed cross flow non-plugging coalescing plate packs which maximise oil and grease removal (up to 95%). The OWS design is versatile enough and can be installed as a “stand alone” treatment or as a primary treatment in a complete wastewater treatment or recycling system.


  • Water Recycling Pre-Treatment
  • Wastewater Pre-Treatment for High BOD, COD,
  • Fats and Oil 188博金宝app
  • Treatment for Industrial Wash Effluents
  • Mine Vehicles and Heavy Equipment Wash
  • Car and Light Vehicle Wash Facilities
  • Storm and Ground Water Treatment
  • Logistics and Hire Companies
  • Quarantine and Weed/Seed Hygiene
  • Abattoirs, Meat and Fish Processing
  • Restaurant and Hotels
  • Grease Trap Treatment
  • Energy Suppliers


  • Stand Alone, Skid Mounted or Containerised
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Compact Size
  • Above Ground
  • Oil and Sludge Drain
  • Easy Operation and Maintenance
  • Easy Cleaning Removable Coalescing Plate Packs
  • No Moving Parts, No Power Consumption
  • No Chemicals or Consumables


oil water separator, enviro concepts

 TypeCoalescing Plate or Tube Separator
ModelOWS-30: 30L/min; OWS-50: 50 L/min, OWS-100: 100L/min
Feed Water SourceIndustrial wash effluent, wash bay effluent
Oil TypeGasoline, Diesel, Lubricant, Grease
Flow Capacity10-100 L/min
DimensionsUp to 1490mm x 1410mm x 680mm
Dry WeightUp to Approx. 150kg
Material of ConstructionStainless Steel
Fats, Oil & Grease Concentration2,000 mg/L (max)
Suspended Solids Concentration1,500 mg/L (max)
Oil Droplet Diameter10 to 100 µm
Operating pH6 to 10 pH
Operating TemperatureBelow 40 deg C
Fats, Oils and Grease ReductionUp to 95%
Inclusions/OptionsOutlet Sump Pit, Submersible Pump, Float Switch

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