Where We’re From

Founded in 2006, in the midst of one of Australia’s worst droughts, the company directors saw opportunity to provide water recycling systems and portable washbay solutions for wash applications.

With a focus on sustainable use of water and improved environmental protection, as well as cost savings to clients through portability and fast setup times, the company began to grow with interest coming from mining companies and businesses that had wash requirements.

Within a few years the company has expanded, now designing and manufacturing equipment for some of Australia’s largest organisations and government bodies.

Enviroconcept has grown from its humble beginnings to establish itself as Australia’s leader in Waste Water Recycling and Treatment Systems along with its Above Ground Washbays. We are proud to engineer and manufacture all of our systems here in Australia.

Where We’re Going

Enviroconcept has matured in the market as the leader in onsite portable washbay solutions. We are constantly improving our designs, making them lighter and stronger, and our filtration systems more efficient.

The future of Enviroconcept will see standardised solutions for most customers with optional add-ons for specific needs. This progression has already begun and we are now seeing the benefits of lower costs, and easier maintenance for our installed systems.

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Alex Winter

Alex Winter is the Director of Enviroconcepts. He has spent the last decade advising and leading R&D teams, product development and design. He specialises in mechanical design, electrical and electronic design, electrochemistry, and fluid dynamics and has produced more than a dozen international patents. He co-founded and developed the core technology for commercialisation of Redflow Ltd, a publicly listed 188博金宝app company and world leader in electrochemical flow batteries. Alex holds a Bachelor of Engineering with first-class honours and a Phd in the field of mechanical engineering, both form the University of Queensland.

Michael Lambert
General Manager

Having nearly 20 years of General Manager experience, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to EnviroConcepts. Building on a background of expanding business opportunities and making processes more efficient, Michael has been able to, with the help of the rest of the team, make EnviroConcepts’ products and processes better. His product development, distribution, project, management skills allow him to work closely with sales & marketing, operations and with the R&D team, where we continue to grow new products and innovations for the company.

Don Catuira
Process Engineer

Don is a chemical engineer specialising in process and project engineering of water, wastewater and recycled water treatment plants. He has delivered process designs and technical leadership for the commissioning and optimisation of industrial wastewater treatment plants, biological nutrient removal systems, trade-waste primary treatment systems and membrane systems across Australia, Asia and the Middle East. Don is driving our engineering and design to higher levels.


Ivor is part of our Engineering Advisor team overseeing large scale water and wastewater treatment projects. He brings his expertise in design and process management to assist in our project design and construction process. Having worked extensively in Asia Pacific and Australia, he will be contributing to our growth into international markets and larger treatments systems domestically.