Enviro Concepts’ Ozwater 2018 Highlights

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Ozwater 2018 trade exhibition brought together some top businesses in the water industry with a display of a wide range of products, services, technologies and innovations for water professionals. Enviro Concepts’ showcase included our solutions in water and wastewater treatment and recycling capabilities.

Enviro Concepts Expo Highlights

Enviro Concepts is committed to save and protect water. We provide customized, cost-effective solutions to industries, and communities.

At Ozwater’18, we displayed our Continuous Media System (CMS). The Enviro CMS is a compact, efficient, mechanical filtration system engineered for high suspended solids in wastewater effluent. When it comes to removing high levels of solids, the CMS is often used as a primary filtration in our wastewater treatment plants. Enviro Concepts provides containerized, wastewater treatment systems to sites across Australia and New Zealand. One of our popular units is the EL Water Recycling plant and the CMS features prominently in our containerised recycling units.

Enviro Concepts also showcased our commercial, Ultra Filtration (UF) unit at the expo. The Enviro UF-Pro range provides cost-effective, safe, potable water solutions. The compact, modular unit is a simple “plug-in” solutions that can be easily installed and maintained.

We gave a special demonstration of our Enviro UF-Pro to the Vietnam delegation visiting us at the expo. This was a fantastic follow up from Vietwater 2017 where we addressed specific water filtration needs for the region.

Research & Innovation

For Enviro Concepts, research and innovation is a priority, driving our growth in our water and wastewater treatment capabilities. We offer solutions in potable water and wastewater treatment applications. We offer a multitude of water filtration and membrane filtration solutions.

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