Plug and Play Oil Water Separator System – SIOS

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Enviro Concepts is a leading manufacturer of above ground, modular wash bay and wastewater treatment solutions. Enviro Concepts’ focus is on creating modular products that help our clients meet their requirements and allow them quick install time, save them labor cost and provide them with a robust, compliant system. The Solids Interceptor Oil Separator (SIOS) is one such Plug and Play Oil Water Separator system that car wash & car dealership businesses, mechanical workshops and any other motor service business can set up and get it running within 24 hours.

What is a Plug & Play system?

Enviro Concepts wastewater treatment projects that are pre-engineered and modularised. The idea behind the Plug & Play system is the design where most of the components are modular and pre-assembled, and therefore easily transportable, easy to install, with a very quick turnaround time from production all the way to delivery and installation.

Some of the advantages include:

  • The ability to customise the systems depending on needs of the client
  • Stocked items ready to ship
  • Reliable and stable – tried and tested
  • Low maintenance – It is simple to operate with no daily operator maintenance required
  • Being modular, it can be relocated if required
  • The systems are created based on compliance regulations set by councils and environmental authorities


plug and play, wastewater treatment

The Solids Interceptor Oil Separator (SIOS)

Enviro Concepts is fast becoming 188博金宝app ’s leader in packaged wastewater treatment systems. With a decade of research and development behind the products, Enviro Concepts offers skid-mounted SIOS  to car wash and car detailing businesses, mechanical workshops, industrial and mining sites, and any other businesses that require treating wastewater with high solids, oil and grease.

The Solids Interceptor Oil Separator filtration process collects wastewater from a washpad gutter or underground pit and takes it through a treatment process. The SIOS skid contains its own settling tank, the Oil Water Separator, pump and pit, all put together so that the client can connect it to the washbay and send the water to the sewer.

For businesses that produce wastewater with oil, mud and sediment, the SIOS is a quick and effective way to treat the water per compliance and regulations.

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