Portable Wash Pads

Here at Enviro-concepts, we don’t subscribe to the notion that getting the correct washing system for your unique needs and specific situation is a complicated, headache inducing process.

We understand that more expensive options might be out of your budget requirements, or you don’t have a continuous water supply in your area, you’re leasing, you can’t get a zoning permit from the local council, can’t find a hydraulics engineer to draw up plans, unable to seek out a plumber to hook it up, or simply can’t cut into the concrete.

These things will understandably make it difficult to do a necessary task with the least amount of hassle and effort.

However, Enviro-concepts has the right combination: an above ground, modular, steel wash pad system designed to contain wash water from practically any size equipment you would need to clean

• Portable wash pads
• Efficient water filtration systems


Combined Portable Wash Pads and Efficient Water Filtration Systems

• No design
• No permits required in most cases (cut out all the red tape)
• No onsite construction or drilling into concrete (leased areas need not be a problem)
• Totally portable wash pads
• Set up in hours (where other systems require days, you can be done in hours)
• Strong wash pad build with weight ratings of up to 40T per axle
• Relocatable, which is perfect for end of lease (no need to cut into concrete or worry about rental stipulations)
• The system is leasable and rentable
• Huge water savings with the wash water recycling system (only water loss is evaporation . Our wash water recycling plant recycles the water that comes off the wash bay or wash pad.)
• Save a LOT on discharge and haulage (Because water is reused over and over again, this negates the need for a liquid discharge company to come and haul everything away)
• Be environmentally responsible with recycled wash water systems that have less of an impact on the environment (
• Be EPA and legislative compliant

With Enviro-concepts’ portable wash pads and thoroughly thought out system (designed to optimize efficiency, time and cost), your business can start using business practices that comply with environmental awareness, as well as new, stricter water regulations.


Portable Wash Pad Sizes:

• Available 2.4 metres LONG
• Standard 4 & 6 metre WIDTHS
Portable Wash Pad Capacity:

• 2 tonne to 40 tonne per axle rating
Portable Wash Pad Construction:

• Side walls designed to contain overspray
• 5 year structural warranty
• Rubber padding for tracked equipment
• Made of industrial strength steel
Enviro-concepts just made environmental and EPA compliance a lot, lot, simpler.

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