Enviro Concepts Oil Water Separators (OWS) are compact, industrial separators engineered for low-flow, high oil and grease applications. Enviro Concepts OWS range includes coalescing plate, vertical gravity and tube separators. They are suitable for vehicle wash bay and industrial wash effl­uents.

Features of OWS

All OWS units are pre-engineered, pre-assembled and factory tested minimising onsite installation and start-up time, and ensuring reliable operation.

Enviro Concepts Oil Water Separator range features a removable and uniquely designed cross flow non-plugging coalescing plate packs which maximise oil and grease removal (up to 95%). The OWS design is versatile enough and can be installed as a “stand alone” treatment or as a primary treatment in a complete wastewater treatment or recycling system.

The Enviro OWS features include:

  • Stand Alone, Skid Mounted or Containerised
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Compact Size
  • Above Ground
  • Oil and Sludge Drain
  • Easy Operation and Maintenance
  • Easy Cleaning Removable Coalescing Plate Packs
  • No Moving Parts, No Power Consumption
  • No Chemicals or Consumables


  • Water Recycling Pre-Treatment
  • Wastewater Pre-Treatment for High BOD, COD,
  • Fats and Oil 188博金宝app
  • Treatment for Industrial Wash E­uents
  • Mine Vehicles and Heavy Equipment Wash
  • Car and Light Vehicle Wash Facilities
  • Storm and Ground Water Treatment
  • Logistics and Hire Companies
  • Quarantine and Weed/Seed Hygiene
  • Abattoirs, Meat and Fish Processing
  • Restaurant and Hotels
  • Grease Trap Treatment
  • Energy Suppliers




Coalescing Plate


OWS-30: 30L/min; OWS-50: 50 L/min, OWS-100: 100L/min

Feed Water Source

Industrial wash effluent, wash bay effluent

Oil Type

Gasoline, Diesel, Lubricant, Grease

Flow Capacity

10-100 L/min


Up to 1490mm x 1410mm x 680mm

Dry Weight

Up to Approx. 150kg

Material of Construction

Stainless Steel

Fats, Oil & Grease Concentration

2,000 mg/L (max)

Suspended Solids Concentration

1,500 mg/L (max)

Oil Droplet Diameter

10 to 100 µm

Operating pH

6 to 10 pH

Operating Temperature

Below 40 deg C

Fats, Oils and Grease Reduction

Up to 95%


Outlet Sump Pit, Submersible Pump, Float Switch

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