Solids Interceptors and Oil Separators (SIOS)

For businesses that generate oily wastewater, an Oil Water Separator can be an effective and economical way to treat the wastewater to an acceptable level for discharge to the sewer system. The Enviro Concepts Solids Interceptor Oil Separator (SIOS) is a complete package for such businesses with a need for treating contaminated trade waste or wash water that has suspended solids, oil and grease. The SIOS system is usually skid mounted and it can be configured as SIOS 25, 50, 100 or customised to client specifications.

Who Needs the SIOS?

Any business that has the potential to generate oily or sediment filled wastewater must install, use and maintain a Solid Interceptor Oil Separator system. These businesses include:

  • Mechanical workshops
  • Panel beating workshops
  • Vehicle detailing
  • Quick lube stations
  • Transportation fueling facilities
  • Logistics companies
  • Motor vehicle dealerships
  • Hire companies
  • Mines – vehicle and equipment wash downs
  • Hand car washes
  • Car wash bays
  • All equipment and vehicle washing applications
  • All vehicle and equipment repair

The wastewater from businesses like mechanical workshops, panel beating workshops and vehicle detailing facilities can contain contaminants such as fuels, solvents, heavy metals, battery acids, flammable substances, caustic cleaners, coolants, paints, fillers, grit and residue This water needs to be properly treated and council approval is required before water is discharged to sewer. Similarly, vehicle wash down facilities have a high degree of contaminants that has to be pre-treated either for discharge or for reusing the water.

The Process

The SIOS filtration system collects wastewater from a washpad gutter or underground pit. Water is sent to the solids interceptor tank and it is slowed down to allow for solids to fall to the bottom of the tank and oil separation to begin. The clarified water gravity flows to the oil water separator to remove oil and grease. Treated water is discharged to sewer. Any solids collected in the tanks are purged to our Pit or Gutter for easy disposal.

Benefits Vs. Costs

The biggest challenge for businesses creating oily wastewater is to make their water compliant for discharge to the municipal sewer. Enviro Concepts SIOS package is a cost effective water treatment discharge package that meets most compliance regulations. The SIOS system is built on skid and it is modular, portable and provides the business owner with the opportunity to easily move it in case the business decides to relocate.

Click here to download SIOS Specification Sheet.