Rain Diversion Systems including First Flush Compliance

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First Flush Rain Diversion

For compliance purposes if your washbay is not covered by a roof you are required to have a rain diversion system to ensure that storm water and trade waste doesn’t mix.  Rainwater is presumed to be clean water and requires different treatment to enter the system than trade waste water which must reach minimum standards but will require further treatment before it can enter our environment.  With this in mind we have to ensure that the water is handled in different ways.

Demand Driven Rain Diversion

A Demand Driven Rain Diversion system will send all water that comes off the washpad when water is being demanded (i.e. someone pulls the trigger on a pressure washer) to the treatment centre.  If the water is not being requested to the washpads the system will close access to the treatment centre and the water will run directly into the storm water drains.  This type of system is used for compliance when processes are in place to clean the washpad after every wash.

First Flush Demand Driven Rain Diversion

The First Flush version of the rain diversion system is designed to take the first 10ml of rain that falls on the pad and have it processed through your treatment system allowing the remainder to flow down to storm water un-touched and clean.  This is the only first flush approved system in Australia and has received WASAA approvals for its function.  If your washbay is not covered getting a First Flush Rain Diversion system is a compliant way to operate a washpad and keep your dirty water from entering storm water catchments.


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