Rain Water


Rainwater Recycling & Filtering

Recycling rainwater simply means using the water collected from the roof and using it for daily activities. This could include irrigation of a garden, using it for flushing of toilets, washing vehicles, or water for the laundry. The water can also be treated so that it is safe for human consumption.

There are many ways we can use to filter rain water. The purpose is to remove the suspended solid particles from rainwater.


The more common forms of filtration include Micro Filtration, Ultra Filtration,and Multi-Media Deep Bed Filtration and Cartridge Filtration. Filtration of rainwater can make for a sustainable source of water to be used in offices, schools or other buildings. It can also ensure that your rainwater does not cause corrosion of pipes or blockages in hot water systems and bathroom taps. However, if using rainwater for food preparation or human consumption further treatment is required.

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Rainwater v. Stormwater

Rainwater is different to stormwater as there are less contaminants to the supply so further treatment is not required when using in a garden. However, if the rainwater is to be used to prepare food or for human consumption it is necessary for water to then be treated prior to filtration to eliminate all harmful microorganisms present in the rainwater. Post treatment can be done through processes such as chlorination and ultra violet sterilisation. Finding the right treatment for your needs is important for your organisation in meeting the legislation requirements of Australia, as well as ensuring the safety of your customers who will consume the water.

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