RO, Reverse Osmosis, Enviro Concepts


Enviro Concepts Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems are engineered to economically produce low dissolved solids water from tap, surface or groundwater by removal of dissolved minerals, heavy metals, bacteria, particles, and organic impurities.

Each RO system is pre-engineered, pre-assembled and factory tested ensuring reliable operation and minimising site installation and start-up time. Using proven, reliable components and brackish water low energy Thin Film Composite (TFC) RO membranes ensure reliable operation and effi­cient water purification for water treatment applications including municipal, industrial, process plants, stormwater recycling and a wide variety of water reuse applications.


  • The RO Commercial System’s features include:
  • Brackish Water TFC Membranes
  • FRP RO Pressure Vessels
  • High-Pressure Stainless Steel Vertical
  • Multistage Feed Pump
  • Electrical Control Panel
  • 5µm Guard Filters
  • Manual & Electrical Solenoid Control Valve
  • Pressure Gauges, Flow Meters
  • Permeate Conductivity Meter
  • PVC Low-Pressure Feed, Product and Reject Piping
  • Stainless Steel High-Pressure Piping
  • Coated Carbon Steel Frame
  • Clean In Place Connections
  • Skid Mounted and Mobile


  • Spot Free Car Wash Rinse
  • Municipal, Commercial and Industrial
  • Manufacturing and Process Plants
  • Resource Industry
  • Stormwater Recycling
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • And a wide variety of other water reuse applications



Feed Water SourceTap, Surface, Ground
Recovery70 to 90%
Operating Temperature<45 deg C
Operating Pressure<12 Bar
Max. SDI (15min)<5.0
pH Range3-10
Feed Max. Turbidity<10 NTU
Chlorine Concentration<0.1ppm
Power Supply240-415V,
3 Phases, 50 Hz
Power Consumption1.5 to 4.0 kW



Membrane TypeThin Film Composite (TFC)
Membrane SupplierHydranautics or Filmtec
MaterialPolyamide (PA)
ConfigurationSpiral Wound, FRP Wrapping
Membrane SizeDiameter 4” x Length 40”
102mm x 1,020mm
Flux Rate25 LMH
Nominal Salt Rejection95% to 98%

RO, Reverse Osmosis, Enviro Concepts

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