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The Sedimentation Dissolved Air Flotation (SDAF) is an advanced DAF system. Enviro Concepts SDAF systems are designed to combine dissolved air flotation with high rate sedimentation to efficiently remove suspended solids, fats and oils, BOD, COD and heavy metals from a wide variety of water and wastewater sources.


The Sedimentation Dissolved Air Flotation include mixing, flotation and sedimentation zones. They have a highly efficient dissolved air distribution system.

Dissolved air flotation effectively separates and removes the floating sludge layer, and the sedimentation plate packs remove the dense sludge settling at the bottom of the SDAF units. This results in high rate clarification capable of efficiently treating high suspended solids and high fats/oils wastewater. This amounts to 15-30% chemical dosage cost savings compared to the conventional DAF systems.

The SDAF features includes:

  • Mild Steel or Stainless Construction
  • Skid Mounted or Containerised
  • Flocculation, Flotation and Sedimentation Zones
  • Efficient Air Diffusion and Mixing Zone
  • Sedimentation Plate Packs
  • Mechanical Sludge Skimmer and Scraper
  • Level Controlled, Non-clogging Sludge Weir
  • Chemical Dosing System
  • Feed and Discharge Pumps

The Enviro Concepts SDAF units are pre-engineered, pre-assembled and factory tested ensuring reliable operation and minimising site installation and start-up time. They are skid-mounted or containerised and are easily transported and installed efficiently at client sites.

The SDAF Advantages & 188博金宝app

Dissolved Air Flotation by itself has several process advantages over sedimentation – it can produce better water quality. It can be operated at high surface loadings so we can have plants with relatively small footprint. It can also be started up quickly, with a steady water quality being achieved in a relatively short period of time. The solids concentration of the sludge produced is higher than that of sedimentation. The Enviro Concepts SDAF is therefore designed to not only merge the sedimentation process with the advantages of Dissolved Air Flotation, it is also engineered to achieve a smaller footprint and more efficient functioning of the treatment process itself.

Key benefits of the Enviro Concepts SDAF system are:

  • High Productivity & Efficiency
  • Small Footprint for easy transport and install
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Advanced DAF technology: Enhanced oil water separation ability
  • Factory Tested: Comes pre-assembled and wet-tested
  • Customisable: The design of the system can be customised as per client specifications
  • Huge savings in chemical dosing costs (15-30%)

The SDAF application includes:

  • Wash Bays for Cars and Trucks
  • Mine Vehicles and Equipment Wash Downs
  • Mechanical and Panel Beating Workshops
  • Industrial Wash Processes
  • Sea Water Desalination
  • Storm and Ground Water Treatment
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Grease Trap Waste Treatment
  • Food Industry Wastewater
  • Activated Sludge Systems
  • Sludge Thickening

Sedimentation, Dissolved Air Flotation, Enviroconcepts



Feed Water Source

Industrial wastewater, wash bay effluent,
meat processing effluent, etc

Flow Capacity

6 to 200 m³/hr

Max Suspended Solids

4,500 mg/L


3.7m x 2.2m to 10.8m x 6.7m x 3.3m

Dry Weight

Approx. 1.5 to 5.5 Tonne

Power Requirements

1.1 to 22.0 kW (for the pumps)
0.55 to 4.0 kW (for the air compressor)

Dosing Chemicals

EnviroCoag, EnviroFloc, EnviroBase, EnviroAcid

Operating pH

6 to 10 pH

Operating Temperature

Below 40 deg C

Particle Size

Maximum of 1.0mm

Suspended Solids Reduction

Up to 95% (with Coagulation/Flocculation)

BOD & COD Reduction

Up to 80% (with Coagulation/Flocculation)

Fats, Oils and Grease Reduction

Up to 95% (with Coagulation/Flocculation)

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