Service Stations

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Water Use in Service Stations

Service stations are an essential facility in society. However, these stations pose contamination risks to our water resources through:

  • Leakage of fuel from storage facilities;
  • Spillage of fuel, lubricants, solvents and engine coolants;
  • Inappropriate disposal of batteries, tires, fluids and car parts after servicing; and
  • Wastewater disposal from washbays.

Storm Water Protection

The environment protection policy requires storm water to be protected from pollutants. In the case of service stations, these pollutants are usually in the form of oils and grease, petroleum products and heavy metals.

Storm water is basically rain water that drains into gutters. This water is usually channeled directly into oceans and rivers. The potential pollution risk posed by service stations is huge considering daily activities including the refueling pump, car wash, and mechanical workshop involve oils, grease and petroleum products as well as detergent use.

Our range of compliant approved pre-discharge systems will ensure that no polluted storm water is released into the environment. Our solids interceptor and oil separator (SIOS) discharge compliance systems are EPA compliant

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Recycle Up to 100% Wash Water

EnviroConcepts also provide a range of portable above ground washbays and car wash systems that recycle up to 100% of wash water. They can be configured to suit your specific needs with side walls designed to contain over spray.

Our systems easily integrate into an existing carwash without extensive changes. Our recycling systems are tailored to remove oil and grease which are common pollutants in waste water in service stations.

EnviroConcepts will provide you with tailor made approved treatment solutions that will help you work at maximum efficiency.

Water is a valuable resource and should be treated as such. Service stations can have a positive impact on the environment while saving money by getting in touch with EnviroConcepts.

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