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Enviro Concepts is a leading manufacturer of cost-effective, packaged, modular solids interceptor and oil-water separator system for wash bay and industrial effluents. The SIOS (Solids Interceptor Oil Separator) systems are designed for efficient removal of suspended solids, oil and grease and are offered as part of our Water Treatment Discharge package.


These skid-mounted systems are pre-engineered, pre-assembled and factory tested minimising site installation and start-up time. The SIOS range collects wastewater from a wash pad gutter or inground sump and puts it into the solids interceptor tank to settle most of the suspended solids. The clarified wastewater then gravity flows to the oil-water separator to remove oils and grease. Treated water is then discharged as trade waste (sewer) and the settled solids are drained back to the gutter for easy collection and disposal.

188博金宝app and Features

188博金宝app for Wastewater Treatment for Wash Bay and Industrial Wash Effluents are:

  • Car and Light Wash Facilities
  • Heavy Vehicle Washdowns
  • Mechanical Workshop Effluent Treatment
  • Mine Vehicles and Equipment Wash Effluent

The Features of SIOS are:

  • Skid Mounted (Hot Dip Galvanised)
  • Solids Interceptor Tank
  • Oil-Water Separator
  • Diaphragm Pump
  • Oil and Sludge Drain
  • Simple utility connections
  • Easy to operate, low-cost maintenance

The SIOS are council compliant across Australia.

Operating Limits

Feed Water Source

Industrial Parts & Vehicle Wash Bay Effluent

Flow Capacity

SIOS 25: 25L/min; SIOS 50: 50L/min; SIOS 100: 100L/min


(SIOS 25) 2.3m x 1.1m x2.5m (h)

Dry Weight

Approx. 150 kg

Power Requirements

Single Phase – 3 Amp

Solids Interceptor Tank

(SIOS 25) 1,000 Litre Polyethylene Construction

Oil Water Separator

(SIOS 25) 25 L/min, Gravity Flow, Polytheylene Construction

Diaphragm Pump

(SIOS 25) 25L/min, Single phase, 3 Amp with Level Switch

Sludge Drain

Common manifold with associated hand valves

Skid Mounted

Hot Dip Galvanised

Operating pH

6 to 10 pH

Operating Temperature

Below 40 dec C

Particle Size

Maximum of 1.0mm

Suspended Solids Reduction

Up to 90%

Fats, Oils and Grease Reductin

Up to 90%

Options & Extras

Large Capacity Solids Interceptor Tank/ Transfer Pit

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