Ultra Filtration Specification

Enviro Concepts Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane filtration systems are engineered to produce clean, purified water from various sources including rivers, lakes, stormwater ponds, secondary effluent, groundwater, and seawater. Enviro Concepts UF systems offer a level of purification between particle filtration and reverse osmosis, removing viruses and bacteria, but not essential minerals.

UF membranes remove contaminants as small as .01 Microns. UF filtrate is used for drinking water, utility water, reclaimed water, food and beverage production, and pre-treatment source water for Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. It protects the RO membrane, increases RO efficiency, and reduces operating costs.

Enviro Concepts UF systems are low cost, compact, skid-packaged units that include UF hollow fibre membrane modules.


  • Mine Vehicle and Equipment Wash Euent
  • Mechanical Workshops Treatment
  • Industrial Wash Euent Treatment
  • Storm and Ground Water Filtration
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Potable Water Treatment
  • Activated Sludge Clarification
  • Activated Sludge Systems
  • Biological Nutrient Removal
  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment for Wash Bays
  • Quarantine & Weed/Seed Hygiene
  • Brackish and Sea Water Treatment & Desalination


  • Modified PAN Hollow Fibre Cartridges
  • Rotary Air Blower
  • Feed and Back Flush with VFD
  • Control Panel with PLC
  • Manual & Automatic Control Valves
  • Feed , Air and Back Flush Pressure Gauges
  • Product Water Rota Meter
  • Permeate Conductivity Meter
  • Coated Carbon or Stainless Steel
  • Chemical Enhanced Back Flush and CIP
  • Containerised or Skid Mounted

Operating Conditions

Feed Source

Pre-Clarified, Surface, Ground

Flow Type

Out to In

Filtration Mode

Dead End Mode




Air Scouring with Back Flush

Operating Temperature

Max 45°/113° F

Operating TMP

0.5 bar (Feed), 1.2 bar (Back Flush)

Power Supply

400V/ 50 Hz/ 3 Phase

CIP Chlorine

Max 100 ppm

CIP Operating pH

From 2 to 9

Membrane Specification

Membrane Material

Hydrophillic (Modified PAN)

Surface Area (nominal)

45 m²

Cap & Socket

Reinforced ABS

Housing Material




Filtrate Flux

Up to 80 L/m²/h

Feed Turbidity

Max 300 NTU

Feed TSS

Max 350 mg/L

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