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Construction camps, vehicle wash bay

Construction Camps – Vehicle Wash Down Facility

Construction camps are environmentally sensitive, temporary accommodation facilities. They house the workforce of remote manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas sites. Enviro Concepts provides portable, modular, relocatable wash bay solutions and water treatment solutions for construction camps.

Construction Camp Solutions

Enviro Concepts provides a variety of construction camp solutions, including rainwater harvesting, potable water solutions, vehicle wash down facilities and wastewater treatment.

Construction camps have unique challenges when it comes to washbays and wastewater treatment. Being remote, it is difficult mobilise a team to make permanent wash bays, quickly and effortlessly. The Enviro Concepts portable washdays are manufactured in our workshops in Australia and are shipped and installed on these remote sites in 1-2 days.

Construction sites often face harsh conditions. The Enviro Concepts modular, vehicle wash down bays are made of galvanised steel and can weather any harsh conditions.

Being temporary, construction camps require washbays that can be relocated easily. The Enviro Concepts wash pads can be taken apart and moved to another location easily. They can be re-installed within 24 hours of reaching the new location. This provides huge cost savings and convenience for our clients.

Finally, these sites have a shortage of water and therefore wash water is at a premium. The wastewater produced by these sites also require special filtration processes. Enviro Concepts water treatment systems can process all types of wastewater, whether from production or wash down processes or domestic applications. One of the ways we manage shortage of water is by providing our recycling plant, built to treat & recycle wastewater in these locations.

Our Vehicle Wash Bay Systems

Enviro Concepts has been building modular wash bay systems for over a decade for businesses in Australia. The wash bay systems were conceived in a way that they could be customised for size and weight and could be accessorized as an indoor or outdoor, above ground washday.

The modular, above ground wash bays are extremely durable, built for industrial use. We have thought through all possible challenges that our remote site clients could face and provided a solution for it. For example, our wash bays can be cyclone rated for areas that require this.

For more information, our industrial or commercial wash bays, please send us your query for a consultation and a free estimate.

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