Wash Bay

Wash Bay

Cost Effective Wash Bay Needed?

Enviro Concepts is able to offer purpose-built, cost-effective wash bay solutions. They are environmentally compliant, and specific to your site/location needs. We do this by using the latest technological innovations, which enhances all the engineering and manufacturing aspects of our wash bay equipment.

If you’re looking for premier results, unmatched reliability and want to maximise operational performance, you’ve come to the right place. Enviro Concepts wash bay systems help you reduce downtime, maintenance, and human involvement.

High Grade Wash Bay Systems

Our wash pads and wash bays are of high-grade construction and come with a structural warranty.

They are great for a wide range of applications and washing solutions, because the wash pads and wash bays are also paired with our wash water recycling systems.

What this does is give you a customisable system that you can use for limitless applications—our clients have used our wash bays for everything from semi-trailers, mining equipment, cars, buggies, dump trucks, engines, machine parts, and even helicopters! If it’s a dirty piece of equipment —we clean it!

Portable, Above Ground Wash Bay

An above ground wash bay is portable, easily set up indoors (like a warehouse or hangar), or outdoors (such as a car park or somewhere remote). Because they are constructed from high quality steel, they are tremendously strong (ratings of up to 40T per axle).

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Wash Bay dimensions

Our wash bays are 2.4 metres LONG and come in 4 different widths:

  1. 2.4m Long by 3m Wide
  2. 2.4m Long by 4m Wide
  3. 2.4m Long by 5m Wide
  4. 2.4m Long by 6m Wide

Wash Bay Capacities

Weight capacities come in 5 ranges:

  1. 2 tonnes per axle rating
  2. 12 tonnes per axle rating
  3. 20 tonnes per axle rating
  4. 30 tonnes per axle rating
  5. 40 tonnes per axle rating

Wash Bay Features

  1. Wash bays come with side walls so you don’t need to worry about overspray and getting muck all over your location. Dirt stays within the wash bay.
  2. Every wash bay comes equipped with side gutters which collect runoff water. This runoff water is then treated or recycled based on the situation or need.
  3. Every wash bay comes with a 5-year Structural Warranty.

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