Waste Water

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Waste Water

Enviro Concepts only stocks wastewater treatment solutions that have been tried and proven worldwide.

Wastewater treatment is a series of processes that remove pollutants such as solids, organic matter, oil and grease, detergents, nutrients, heavy metals and bacteria from wastewater produced by residential, commercial or industrial businesses. Stormwater, garden irrigation, surface runoff and sewage are also all types of wastewater.  The treatment of wastewater is key to sustaining the health of every human being as well as the environment.

Wastewater Treatment

Treatment of wastewater is not as simple as putting it through a filter.  Before proposing the best treatment process, we need to analyse what type of wastewater is being treated and the requirements of the local laws to determine the treatment products and processes required in order to turn wastewater into Class A effluent.

Wastewater is often discharged through the local sewer system in most urban and semi-urban areas.  If your business is an industrial and manufacturing facility such as a mechanical workshop, manufacturer or farm, we can help you reduce the discharge costs and help you to meet the local discharge limits by treating your wastewater before it is discharged.

Enviro Concepts can customize the wastewater treatment plants to suit your needs and your budget. There may be the need for a wastewater treatment plant that produces a different level of effluent or even a smaller model that can be easily moved

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