Water Clarification

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Water Clarification

Water clarification involves removing solids and other suspended particles from water to make it clear. Water clarification is the typical first step for treatment of surface water and the next step prior the biological treatment of waste water. There are a variety of different clarification systems in different configurations and sizes that can meet your individual needs.

Circular Clarifier

Circular clarifiers are more commonly used in water and waste water treatment particularly in domestic or municipal waste water treatment plants where footprint is not a major concern. Solids and floating scum are removed by gravity separation. In the process, the sludge settles and accumulates at the bottom of the tank. The circular clarifier is configured with sludge removal mechanisms to efficiently collect and evacuate the sludge. Circular clarifiers have the option of a full or a half bridge design. There is also the option of a steel or concrete tank.

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Vertical Parallel Plate or Lamella Plate Clarifier

Vertical parallel plate or lamella plate clarifier are usually used to remove suspended solids and coagulated-flocculated particles from process waters and industrial waste waters. Lamella clarifier are designed so that the settling surface area is several times more than the actual cross-sectional area or floor surface area of the clarifier. This is done through its inclined lamella plate design. The resulting design doesn’t take up as much space as other similar sized circular clarifier. This design is cost effective to install and is low maintenance and uses no moving parts in the settling area.

Parallel Plate Horizontal Clarifier

Parallel plate horizontal clarifier separate solids and aid in oil recovery. The parallel plate horizontal clarifier can do practically all the applications that a circular clarifier can do using less space. The size depends on the use of the tank so that it is most effective. This means that each clarifier is custom built.

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