EL Water Recycling Plant Specification

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The Enviro Concepts EL Water Recycling Plant is a high capacity, low maintenance plant engineered to treat and recycling most wash bay and industrial wash effluents.


Enviro Concepts Water Recycling Plants are high capacity water filtration and polishing systems designed to remove suspended solids, oil & grease, BOD, COD, and metals from most wash bay and industrial wash effluents to produce high-quality water suitable for re-use.

These containerised or skid mounted plants are pre-engineered, pre-assembled and factory tested minimising site installation and start-up time. Designed for minimal operator involvement and low operation and maintenance costs. The EL range incorporates proven water pH correction and disinfection systems, high capacity oil-water separation and advanced media and/or membrane filtration in a packaged system that is adaptable for most wash water effluents and water recycling requirements.


  • Treatment for Mine Vehicles and Equipment
  • Industrial and Mechanical Wash Treatment
  • Light and Heavy Vehicle Washdowns
  • Storm and Ground Water Treatment
  • Logistics and Hire Companies
  • Quarantine & Weed/Seed Hygiene
  • Energy Suppliers, Resource Industry
  • Recycled Water Treatment


  • Containerised or Skid Mounted
  • Effluent Collection and Solids Settling Tanks
  • pH Correction System
  • Chlorine or UV Disinfection System
  • Continuous Media Solids Filter
  • High Capacity Oil-Water Separator
  • Deep Bed Media Filtration
  • Polishing Process Tank
  • Recycle Water Feed Pump


  • Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)
  • Ultrafiltration (UF)
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • Water Softening
  • Ion Exchange
  • Bio Reactor



EL Range

Feed Water Source

Industrial wash effluent, wash bay effluent, mine vehicle wash effluent, etc.


6m x 2.4m (Containerised), 2.3m x 1.1m x 2.2m (Skid-Multiple)

Dry Weight

Approx. 5 Tonne

Power Requirements

240 or 415 volt, 43 Amps, 5.0 kW

Operating pH

6 to 10 pH (pH correction will eliminate pH inconsistencies of raw effluent)

Operating Temperature

Maximum 40 deg C (higher temperature can emulsify the oils and grease)

Inlet – Suspended Solids

200 to 1.500 mg/L (with peaks up to 5,000mg/L)

Inlet – Fats, Oils & Grease

200 to 2000 mg/L (with peaks up to 5,000mg/L)

Filtration Pore Size

15 µ for the CMS
5 to 10 µm equivalent pore size for the Deep Bed Media Filter

Suspended Solids Reduction

Up to 95% (for EL 100)

BOD, COD reduction

Up to 80% (with Bioreactor option)

Fats, Oils and Grease Reduction

Up to 95% (for EL 100)



Enviro Concepts’ standard recycling plant is designed for most wash bay and industrial wash effluents. From our range of water treatment and filtration products, we can customise your plant and find the right solution for your needs.

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