Water use in transport and fleet maintenance


Transportation is a massive business in Australia. Food must be transported from producer to retailer, equipment and materials transported from supplier to mining site, mail to be transported from the originator to recipient and people to be transported from A to B.

Regardless of the industry, transportation stretches across many sectors and requires a significant number of vehicles to carry out the required duties.

As with anything, consistent use of fleet vehicles, trucks and machinery will eventually attract the need for cleaning and sanitation. The process of cleaning vehicles in such large numbers will inevitably require huge amounts of water to complete and will involve a range of chemicals and cleaning agents that are harmful to our environment.


Fleet maintenance challenges

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1994, Water Act 2000 and Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011, businesses may be subject to legal action if cleaning of their vehicles leads to negative environmental impacts. When commercial vehicle washing and maintenance is carried out, companies are required to adhere to these and other stringent council regulations for the appropriate disposal of wastewater or face enormous fines for noncompliance. This includes instances where untreated wastewater runs off into our stormwater systems and other waterways.


So, what are the benefits of acquiring a compliant fleet maintenance wash bay solution?

For companies dealing with vehicle fleets, trucks, buses and machinery, having a fully compliant wash bay system is the easiest way to avoid the ramifications of both the local authorities and local community.

While the idea of avoiding hefty fines is a great incentive for many businesses, acquiring a compliant solution to match your vehicle washing and maintenance requirements also attracts other great benefits too.

As consumers are becoming more concerned with eco-friendly solutions to suit their everyday needs, having the ability to state that your methods are environmentally friendly and sustainable is a great way to encourage new customers to choose your business over another.

Additionally, compliant fleet cleaning solutions, treatments and water recycling systems are also more economical than traditional washing methods and are likely to save you money on your water bill.


Enviroconcepts fleet maintenance solutions

Enviroconcepts offers heavy-duty, above ground wash bays and wastewater treatment solutions for the commercial transportation sector.

Especially for heavy machinery and rural transportation vehicles, the conditions through which they travel can leave them incredibly dirty and can even expose them to material like grease and oil.

For this reason, Enviroconcepts has developed multistage reclaim and discharge systems that are capable of recycling up to 100% of wastewater.

To ensure we get the best possible wastewater solution for your business needs, our team will thoroughly examine your operation and recommend the most appropriate system. We then utilise industry-leading technology to ensure high-quality waste treatment and disposal of residual substances to minimise any impacts on the environment.

Our closed loop systems also require no permits, council approvals or trade waste agreements to ensure a speedy installation process to get you up and running and soon as possible.


Wash Pads

Enviroconcepts vehicle wash pads are produced in Australia and can be installed at your business within two working days. These wash pads allow vehicles to be driven up and onto for washing and can either be set up in, or outdoors on just about all surfaces, including warehouse floors and dirt carparks. Our wash pads are also highly versatile and can be used to effectively clean all manner of transportation vehicles including small and large trucks, buses, semi-trailers and other machinery.

Learn more about our wash pads.


Wash Bays

For smaller vehicle fleets employing the use of standard cars or utes, our wash bays, which are a complete wastewater treatment solution to ensure the  compliance of your business. Our economical wash bay solutions are custom-built for your specific location and to ensure they adequately meet the needs of your company. All our wash bays are built above ground to ensure maximum portability and are constructed with high-quality steel to maximise strength.

Learn more about our wash bays.


Wheel Wash or Wheel Bath

Wheel washes or wheel baths are a great solution for those fleets required to travel both on and off-road by reducing the amount of dirt and sediment that is transferred between the two. Lack of such a system can cause significant pollution to our waterways. Enviroconcepts’ wheel washes or wheel  baths can be installed in places like construction and mining sites to avoid creating such pollution to local environments. Our heavy-duty, modular, drive-through system is fully automated and is initiated by a photoelectric sensor to provide a self-sufficient solution for your business.

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Truck Wash

For companies with larger trucks and machinery, Enviroconcepts offer superior truck wash equipment and systems tailored to your individual business needs and budget. Ensuring complete compliance with council regulations, our team can also fit water treatment systems to process your wash water before dispelling it down the drains.

Learn more about truck washes.

Enviroconcepts are industry leaders in eliminating and treating wastewater. With extensive expertise in the industry, our team are well-appointed to equip your business with compliant and cost-effective wastewater treatment and recycling systems.

To learn more about our fleet maintenance solutions or to chat about a custom system for the needs of your fleet, get in touch with one of our team today on 07 5535 9000 or request a free estimate.