What are the benefits of recycling wastewater for business?

For commercial and industrial operations, the call to recycle water develops for a number of reasons. This might be due to high usage levels, the high costs of fresh water, high levels of wastewater production or perhaps a shortage of water in remote areas.

And while much of the conversation around recycled water focuses on environmental benefits, there are also substantial direct advantages to business operations that are quite often overlooked.

These can include, but are not limited to, significant financial savings and efficient workflows, meeting compliance obligations, functional necessity and alignment with prevailing community values.


Cost savings

For large businesses, having the ability to recycle wastewater can generate massive cost savings.

This is particularly true for commercial and industrial wash down facilities, and for businesses discharging wastewater to a collection tank where transportation and disposal costs are high.

If you consider operations that consume thousands of litres of water per day, imagine how much money can be saved through recycling. Not only does this remove the need to transport wastewater off site, but the demand for fresh water also diminishes as the availability of treated wastewater increases.


Compliance and fines

Commercial wastewater compliance is a massive issue for 188博金宝app businesses.

As more and more research evidences pollution as a result of careless wastewater discharge, increasing onus is placed on businesses to implement wastewater treatment systems. Moreover, businesses found to be in breach of guidelines for water recycling or treatment expose themselves to hefty fines that, in some cases, could ultimately cripple their operation.



For other businesses, recycling wastewater is less of a financial play and more of a necessity. This applies especially  to remote businesses with little or no access to fresh water. To ensure they are able to continue to operate their business, these regional companies, such as mines for example, require an efficient wastewater treatment or recycling plant in order to access the resources they need every day.


Align with community values

As pressure on our water resources continues to rise, communities are turning to commercial players to actively implement water conservation strategies. In the absence of water restrictions, recycling wastewater for business forces us to preserve water sources while producing high-quality discharge that results in little harm to our environment.


Businesses that most benefit from recycling wastewater

As you would expect, businesses that consume high amounts of water benefit the most from recycling their wastewater. These can include, but are not limited to, operations such as farms, irrigators, mine sites, car washes, fleet operators, transport companies, equipment hire and government infrastructure. For these industries, recycled and potable water systems offer efficient, cost-effective and long-term solutions to their commercial water requirements.


Water reclamation and recycling solutions

At Enviroconcepts, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses by designing, developing and installing customised recycling and wastewater systems to reduce both water consumption and related costs.

Some of the most popular methods include:


To find out more about how Enviroconcepts could help to improve your business’ water management systems, get in touch with us today or request a free estimate here.